The Nutshell
  • Around the country there are thousands of performers who own PA's and play once or twice a month to 2-20 people at clubs and writers night.
  • Every weekend there are events held by charities that need a sound system and entertainment. Quality, mature, non flaky, and appropriate entertainment. 
  • There are 300- 3000 people at these events.
  • While they are not playing they have a playlist with upbeat, family friendly, and encouraging songs eliminating the need and expense of a DJ.
  • A sound company has one source of income, you. A performer has over 40 and can afford to lose one for the long term others.
  • We link them. I know, no one has ever done this before. I get it, We are 4 years old and have done thousands of events. Please read on,,,

What does Foothill Entertainment Group do?

                Foothill Entertainment Group was started by Art Wasem in 2011 when he provided a PA system to a charitable event. He noticed 300 people that as a performer he would have loved to perform for. So he thought what if I had performers provide the PA they own to help the charitable community?

Is there a charge?

                I knew that would come up. Our performers have spent years perfecting their craft with practice and other shows. Some are national touring acts and are paid very well for their performances.  We do ask the performers to play for free. It is wonderful exposure for them to a group of people that they would not normally get to perform for. We do rent the equipment from the performers that they use with so we charge a very small set-up and handling fee. Gas money and we expect you can provide a form so they can write off their performance costs.

How does Foothill get paid?

                Like our performers we have develop multiple forms of income. We have a small set up charge that the rental fee comes out of. We also have a merch line, TheFoothillShop, and are developing training and support programs for the performers and organizations that are under served by other methods of fundraising. Part of the set up charge is used to deliver a postcard that describes what we do. We ask that you include that and gift bags that you may give out. Some events have given us a volunteer to hand the cards out to your guests.

Why do I pay in advance?

                We do not consider an event on the books till we are paid. The week before the show the performer get 50% of the monies paid. That is to cover gas and expenses. After the event the performer pays fills out a evaluation form so we can better serve you next year and we pay the rest of their monies. We keep a very small percentage for the bookings and accounting.

Can I send a check?

                We are only in Nashville to pick up checks once every 4-7 weeks so since we pay the performer before the show we operate many times in the negative. It greatly helps us out if you can expense it out by credit card or Paypal. After receipt we will send the I9 and insurance forms you will require.

How do I start?

                Contact us and we will follow up getting all the information. Be prepared with location, indoor/outdoor, years held, and contact. We post the event on a list we generate 2-3 times a week. The performers go through the list and if they can do the event they let us know. We then generate the set up invoice, used to guarantee the event, and let you know the performer for your news and e-mail releases.  

Do they only play originals?

                No, it is all about getting entertaining the largest crowd possible. We do suggest playing all upbeat songs. They save the ballads for their evening  shows. We also suggest 3 upbeat covers for every original to gain familiarity with the crowd.

Are they Family Friendly?

                We use performers that are professional. Many have appeared on The Voice, American Idol, and many other types of contests. They also know that radio and TV are also at many of these events and their goals are to influence those markets in a positive way also. They select music that is appropriate for the event. If you have a problem with a performer please let us know.  

What about when they're not playing?

                Foothill has a playlist we link to and we are looking into starting radio stations/playlist on iTunes and Spotify so you can use them anytime for background music. It also eliminate the need for a separate DJ.  It is also a great time them to meet new fans, and the sponsors of the events. Click here to listen some of the songs you will hear at the event.

Are there any other things you do?

                Yes, for most of our events we create a page on our website that we send to our contact at the organization.  There the performers have links to their website and music pages. We are iTunes affiliates. Click here to see an example.

Can we have other performers?

                Yes, the performers know that they is a possibility that there will be other performers at the event. You may have office workers, or guests with talent and they are happy to assist them when possible. Most of our performers do not travel with full bands and they might not be able to assist in every situation. A guitar and mic or a track should not be a problem. Just lets us know and we will prepare the performers.

Will the performer host?

                Many love the opportunity to emcee your event. Breaking during the music to do door prizes make announcements and even occasionally judge a dog show or other talent competition. Be prepared to hear about where you can find their music online.

What if you cannot find a performer?

                That does happen and we have to let a show go. We hate to do that and will try everything in our power not to have it happen, but it has in the past.

Do you do religious and political events?

                We have a guideline. We encourage people to pray but will not tell them who to pray to. We also want people to vote but will not tell them who to vote for. Now that being said we will post any churches community event not held on their property and if a performer can do it, everything else stays the same as any other charitable event. We will also do any political event that all the parties and candidates running are invited to. Rock the Vote and public debates are great examples of this.

We do not do any private fundraising or events for religious organizations or politicians.

What is the After Party?

                This is how most of our performers make their income. Let say they are going to a city for the first time. They book a show at a local venue. (We sometimes help with this) That morning they play a acoustic set at your event inviting them to the show but they now call it "the after party." About 10-15% show up typically from the mornings event. Since our events are between 300-3000 people they will have 30-300 at their evening gig. Many of our performers have used this to build a sizable following and have developed great relationships in markets booking 2-3 shows over the next year. They are using us to develop a completely different crowd. Many of them think of it as a radio tour but where they don't have to bring the donuts and they actually get to meet the people that they hoped would be listening to them.  

Please send us an e-mail or call us at 615.379.7469 (SHOW) and let’s talk about your next event.

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