Mission Statement

To be the premier provider of audio and talent for charitable and community events around the world.
To work with and develop each performer on our roster to achieve a fan base of over 1,000,000 people.
To work with and develop transparent relationships between our sponsors and fan base.

Our Simple Plan 

(Never said easy)

yr 1 2011
Discover everything that doesn't work in the Music Industry. (Gosh, were we successful)
yr 2 2012
Provide Audio and Talent for Charities and Community events in Nashville. 
yr 3 2013
Branch out to other cities.
        Raising up performers and traveling them around the country.

yr 4 2014
Continue Growth to the top 100 cities in the US.

         Using our talent from the music cities to make a difference to the communities around the country while increasing fan growth.

yr 5 2015ish
Tokyo, Sydney, Auckland, London, Paris, Rome. Every country in the world that supports charitable activities and music.