What does Foothill Entertainment Group do?

                Foothill Entertainment Group was started by Art Wasem in 2011 when at a charitable event where he was asked to provide a PA system. He noticed 300 people that as a performer he would have loved to perform for back when he performed.

Are the shows paid?

                I knew that would come up. Foothill rents the PA from the performer. The performer plays for free. Remember this is a charitable donation and can be tax deductible. We will help the performer create multiple forms of income. Please see 42 ways to earn income as a musician. Some shows have a bigger budget where we can pay for the performance.


How does Foothill get paid?

                Like our performers we develop multiple forms of income. We charge the charities a shipping charge that the rental fee comes out of. We also have a merch line, TheFoothillShop, and are developing training and support programs for the performers and organizations that are under served by other methods of fundraising, and corporate sponsorship.


Is there a charge to be part of Foothill?

                At this time there is not a charge to be a part of this.


How do we find out about the shows?

                We post all open shows on our Facebook page. It is a hidden page and you have to be part of the group. To be linked up please submit a link to any live performance you have on Youtube or VEMEO.  Send your links, recomendations, and any EPK to the link below. 


Do I have to have a PA system?

                Yes. Most shows will require a 4-6 channel PA with 2 speakers on speaker stands and a monitor. 3-4 Mics and stands and 2 DI’s. A wireless is recommended. We have great relationships with many manufactures and can help you get the perfect system for much less than music stores.


What about the After Parties?

                This is how most of our performers make their biggest income. Lets say you are going to a city for the first time. You book a show at a small venue. (We can help with this or go to Indie on the Move) That morning you play a acoustic set for one of our charities inviting them to the after party. About 10-15% show up typically. Since our events are between 300-3000 people you will have 30-450 and your evening gig. Many of our performers have used this to build a market, booking 2-3 shows over the next year taking an advance for each. I should also mention these people showed up to see and support you, not hook up with whoever is at the bar. It is a completely different crowd.


How many people are at your shows?

                We have between 300 – 3000 per show on average. We work with some of the best people and organizations.


Can I play originals?

                Yes, it is all about getting the performers in front of the largest crowd possible. We do suggest playing all upbeat songs. Save the ballads for the evenings intimate show. Also 3 upbeat covers for every original is recommended so you can start off with familiarity with the crowd.


What do I expect at the shows?

                First remember that these are not music people. These are mothers and fathers of kids with terminal illness’s or killed by Drunk Drivers. Men and women who have had people die or terminally sick and are trying to raise funds for the organizations that help them. You are also helping them and they will be incredibly appreciative but they do not know the difference between a XLR and a ¼ inch. They might not even understand why you need a table for the PA and electricity. Before you their PA’s was a bullhorn or cupping their hands around their mouths and yelling.


What about when I am not playing?

                Foothill has a playlist we can link you to and we are looking into starting radio stations/playlist on iTunes, Pandora, and Spotify so you can use them for background music. It is also a great time to meet new fans, and the sponsors of the events.


What kind of music can I play?

                We are doing charitable, family friendly events. We ask our performers to be sensitive to this. In the early days we would have performers brought in by our clients look off the stage and say, “There are kids here. I don’t think I have anything appropriate.” It was very easy to outshine them. Think music on The Voice or on the radio. All edited to appeal to the greatest number of people.


Is there any other things you do so we can earn money?

                Yes, for most of our events we create a page on our website that we send to our contact at the organization.  There we list the performers and any links to their website and music pages. We are iTunes affiliates. Click here to see an example.


Who are some of the other performers?

                We have been blessed over the past 4 years to work with some incredible performers. We keep a updated page here. 

Is there anything else I should know?

                  I was a entertainment tax specialist for about 20 years. Be very careful about the amount you write off as a charitable deduction. If you write of $2000 for a charity and do 25 shows throughout the year for free then the IRS will estimate your taxes at 50,000 dollar. They will assume that is what you get for all your shows. Also remember that tips are tax deductible but donations are not in most cases. Some states have a gift tax that starts at $500- $800 per person giving you the gift. So I recommend asking for donations not taking tips from a tip jar at the after party.

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