Adrian Lovett CEO of ONE, Art Wasem CEO of Foothill Entertainment Group, and Actress Paula Beck Williams 

ONE Meet and Greet 2016

How many other companies get a letter from the Mayor after their first year in Business?

 The Mayor Event 2015 Open Streets Nashville. 

Megan Buell from Homeland Security Art Wasem, and Kate Richey Regional Director for MADD.  2015

The following is a letter from a past engineer that interned with us the summer of 2014

 Hello Art,                                                                                                                                 

I hope you’re doing well!

I’ve just finished a summer of working at Bandit Lites, and I wanted to take a moment to thank you for helping me get a job there at the start of this summer. Between you talking to C*** for me, and another friend putting in a good word for me with S**** P*****, I was able to start at Bandit right away, and have loved every moment of it.

I spent three weeks prepping shows before they went on the road and de-prepping shows when they came back to the shop, which was great fun and a really great workout too! After three weeks, they put me in Technical Services and taught me to clean and repair lights, and that’s where I’ve been for the rest of this summer. Not only have I had a great time and gotten to know the wonderful team at Bandit, but they have offered to allow me to continue working part-time in the shop during the school year!

Again, thank you so much for taking the time to help me get this job. I really appreciate it. 

M****** S*****          August 2015

First letter from the New Orleans Office 


Art Wasem (CEO) on right writing a letter for the ONE Campaign. His picture was included in the Thank You that was delivered to all the ONE volunteers in the US and Canada.

January 2014

 Good morning!

Hope you all had a nice holiday!

Jordan was awesome and Art was great to work with! We had quite a few people ask about Jordan and the City Manager was beyond pleased with her set and performance for the dinner.

Thank you for being a pleasure to work with!

City of Goodlettsville

Allison Baker

Brandon Maddox and Mary-Grace Williams perform at 2nd Annual Creativity Moves Nashville at Vanderbilt. Introduced by Art Wasem who spoke.

1st Annual Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Songwriters Event 

I can't thank you enough for donating your time and equipment for my fundraiser.


It was a very successful event and one that was enjoyed by many.  It is only because of people like you who step up and lend a hand that these events are able to be successful.


I am really glad you were a part of this (and Jason) and I hope you enjoyed the evening as well.


When the photos are ready, I will be sure to send you the link.


Take care-


Hey we loved the music and of course Mary Grace.  She was great!!  We really appreciated it.  It added to the event.  Hope to see you at the Christmas party.  You will get info about probably from Rhonda.  Thanks again and have a great month!  Julie


Julie Steele   LAPSW

Foster Care Recruitment Coordinator

Monroe Harding 

"Thank you for doing is more than I could have expected.  You (Foothill) have been an invaluable asset to the team.  We are working to make our festival a beneficial day for the small business people in Goodlettsville, give the community something for which they can be proud, and provide a fun day for everyone.  To me, music is the background (and backbone?) to the whole atmosphere."

Susan Edwards

Imagine Goodlettsville, Inc. Board of Directors

2013 Arts & Antiques Festival, Co-Chair 

   Just wanted to thank you for all you did to make our kickoff such a wonderful experience!!!  You and your musicians added so much to the magic of the atmosphere!  You were all so great and I do so appreciate your contribution.  Please send me Brandon and Lindsey's e-mail addresses so I can thank them also.  I love what you are doing, helping young people attain their dream.  How fulfilling that must be! 

Thank you so much,
Elizabeth Webb
Summer Crest Tennis & Recreation Club 

Shellbyville County Humane Association 

Belmont University Songwriting Association 

With Congressman Cooper, the Care Foundation and Desana Giving